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If you need more information about your local ACE State Chapter or would like to participate, please contact the following independent ACE Chapter Presidents on the link found below.

ACE State Chapters help local adult nightclub owners stay in business and thrive by sharing local news of relevance and networking to dispel the myths of our industry. ACE State Chapters help adult nightclub owners by:

  • Conducting Secondary Effects, Anthropological and Epidemiological studies by prestigious Ph.D.'s and Universities
  • Finding Lobbyists
  • Tracking state level legislation
  • Fund raising
  • Political education 
  • Conducting nonpartisan voter registration
  • Local Attorney Referrals
  • Joining forces with groups who share similar goals in protecting small business and Freedom of speech or expression.
  • Supporting charitable events
  • Ensuring good community standards and relationships
  • Providing industry provider discounts on ATM Services, Comprehensive Insurance Packages for the club industry, Discounted Credit Card Processing Services and Discounted Music Licensing Fees.

Please Select a state to receive information about that ACE Chapter and contact info.


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